Three Common Roofing Repairs in Midland, TX and Why They’re Important

There’s never a great time to discover that your home has a leaky roof. If you do experience a roof leak, however, you can rest assured that as the leading contractor for roofing repairs in Midland, TX, Raintree Roofing is dedicated to providing professional roofing services of all types to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers within a 50-mile radius.

Sample Roofing Repairs

While there are multiple types of roofing repairs that Raintree Roofing is equipped to perform, following are three common problems and examples of the type of repair that may be needed.

Flashing: Flashing are thin pieces of metal used to weatherproof or seal the area around vents and pipes. They may become damaged by rust. Alternately, if the flashing has been sealed with tar, the tar may corrode over time. If the flashing are exposed, wind and rain may lead to a crack in the flashing. However the flashing become damaged, water may seep into the framing, resulting in leaking.

The damaged flashing can be replaced with galvanized material. As part of this process, shingles are removed, the siding is pried loose and the flashing are removed and replaced. Note that replacing damaged flashing with new pieces of galvanized metal is considerably recommended over using caulk. Caulk will rarely fix a roof leak, and if it does, it won’t be a long-term fix.

Fascia: The fascia is the front board along your roof line. This area of your roof is easily damaged by moisture, which can lead to leaking. If your roof’s fascia is damaged, it may need to be replaced, with the goal of selecting a species of wood that’s naturally decay resistant. Using stainless steel or galvanized nails on this part of the roof can result in longer-lasting fascia.

Speaking of nails, nail the fascia to the end of trusses or rafter tail. Placing the nails near the edge of the end grain should be avoided. Instead, positioning the nails at the end of trusses or rafter tail will result in a lower chance of split board ends. Split board ends, in addition to being unattractive, increase the chance that water will seep into the fascia, causing it to rot and eventually leading to leaking.

Gutters: Your roof’s gutters are located underneath the downslope perimeter and are one part in the process that transfers runoff water away from the roof. Because of their positioning, gutters can often become a receptacle for water and debris build-up, causing mold and mildew under the roof. This build-up can ultimately lead to leaking if the issue is unresolved. Repair options may include cleaning out the gutters or replacing or tightening the hangers.

If your property has no gutters, it can be worthwhile to invest in a system. The cost of a gutter system depends on the material. Many residential gutters are aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. Other available options include vinyl, galvanized steel and copper.

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