Why Gutters are a Critical Part of Roof Maintenance in Midland, TX

What condition are your gutters in? This isn’t a question that many homeowners find themselves thinking about, even when concerns about their roof arise. Gutters, however, are a critical part of your roof in their form and function, and having gutters that are compromised or in disarray could lead to some unfortunate consequences!

What do gutters do?

This might seem like a dumb question—everyone knows that gutters catch water that’s pouring off of your roof and funnel it into downspouts. But what purpose does this actually serve? Sure, it keeps sheets of water from falling down on to your siding, but more importantly, it also prevents pooling at the base of your home.

That’s right, your gutters are an integral facet in protecting your home’s foundation from flooding and water damage! This is first and foremost why gutters need to be considered highly on a list of roof maintenance in Midland, TX: because they help protect both the top and bottom of your home.

Common gutter issues

There are a few very common gutter issues that, though small, could pose bigger problems than you might realize. Take a look at a few of them:

  • Debris in gutters can block the path of water, leading to backups onto the roof, where pooling water will saturate and eventually distort your shingles. Ultimately, this leads to leaks and infrastructure damage.
  • Cracks in gutters or broken sections—commonly seen on plastic gutters—can leak water down the side of your home, where it can saturate and eventually seep into your home’s foundation causing basement flooding and more.
  • Improperly positioned gutters, which can tip when loaded with water or not properly capture running water off of a roof, leading again to saturation at the base of a home.

Thankfully, all of these problems can be readily corrected and prevented with some routine roof maintenance in Midland, TX.

Proper gutter maintenance

The idea or roofing maintenance is something that should often be left to the professionals, however gutters can actually be maintained by homeowners—in fact, it’s encouraged! Take a look at what you can and should be doing for your roof’s gutters on a regular basis (or at least annually):

  • Clean gutters completely, to remove any debris that might be caught in them. This includes any organic matter, as well as manmade items that have become lodged there.
  • Check your gutters for loose fittings or movement and tighten up fitments where possible. If fitments have become damaged, you can usually find replacements at a local hardware store.
  • Position downspouts away from homes and check to make sure they’re working by slowly pouring a small bucket of water into your gutter and making sure it all comes out the downspout.

All in all, it shouldn’t take you more than an afternoon to get your gutters up to standard and after you take the time to make sure they’re in top working order, you’ll be able to walk away with peace of mind that this critical component of your roof is in fair shape.

Don’t have time to maintain and repair your gutters? Let the professionals at Raintree Roofing help!