Common Reasons for Roof Repair in Midland, TX

A number of one-time or ongoing conditions can lead to the need for roof repair in Midland, TX. Some of these may be acts of god, while others arise from poor repairs or neglect. If you find that you spend time and money on roof repair more frequently than before, these are the likely reasons for this constant investment:

  • Weather: Many causes of roof repair are avoidable, but this one tends to catch you at just the wrong time—like 3:00 a.m. on a workday when you wake up to the drip-drip-drip sound of a leak due to a punctured roof. Even the most durable roofs, including new ones, can sustain damage from the weather. Windstorms send tree branches flying, and that leads to dreaded holes in your roof. If you wish to minimize these occurrences, trim the trees around your home and repair your roof as soon as you notice damage.
  • Damage to the flashing: If you have shingles, you also have flashing. These are the metal pieces under the shingles that act as an additional layer of protection. Flashing is also installed on other parts of your room, such as around the base of the chimney. If it cracks due to weather or neglect, it allows water into your home. This is a frequent problem when shingles go missing or roof tiles get cracked. While these are often considered cosmetic failures by homeowners, they can also lead to structural problems that can leave your home very uncomfortable.
  • Poor roof ventilation: Older homes may not have the best in roof ventilation. This allows condensation to build up and weaken your roof’s structure. It also gives the impression of a roof leak that leads to mold growth. If this is a frequent occurrence, you will want to consider arranging for a roofer to install a better ventilation system, perhaps even one that includes fans. Letting the air circulate prevents the condensation and the bad impacts associated with it.
  • Neglected gutters: Gutter cleaning is one of the most unpleasant home maintenance chores, but it is also one of the most important. If you leave your gutters clogged and in ill repair, water will accumulate and weaken your roof. Even if a rainstorm is brief and the water dries, having deeper pools where the water just sits for a while can lead to weakness and future damage. Consider gutter cleaning an effective preventative maintenance task that will reduce your repair costs.
  • Roof replacement avoidance: You know it is time to replace your roof, but the expense just seems overwhelming. So you put it off and keep patching the weak spots. This is a great short-term solution if you know you can get your roof replaced soon, but eventually, these efforts will not be enough. When roof repair takes up a large portion of your home maintenance budget, assume that enough is enough, and invest in that new roof installation.

Raintree Roofing Inc. offers expert roof repair in Midland, TX, as well as roof replacement. If another errant tree branch launches an assault or it is simply time to replace or restore your roof, call us today to arrange for an estimate.