Slate Roof Installation For Midland & Odessa, TX

Slate Roof

Why Slate Roof?

There are many advantages to using a slate roof on your home. In fact, some of the oldest homes in the nation sport a slate roof because of its longevity. Slate roofing tiles come from 100% natural stone and a surface that is naturally cleft. Slate tiles are very durable and in many cases, outlast the rest of the buildings they are installed on. These tiles are fireproof and environmentally friendly so you will have peace of mind you are doing a little extra to help the environment! In further effort to help the environment, slate roof tiles can be recycled after they are used on the roof if they outlast the building they are initially installed on.

Though slate roofs are not always for everyone due to price and special requirements of the home to be able to handle the extra weight, if you are looking for slate tiles, you will love the benefits that come along with them. You will have a beautiful, natural, and extremely durable roof that makes your home unique to many other homes!

Give us a call if you think slate roofing can be for you! We will be happy to go over everything needed for a successful slate roof installation!

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